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Aviation near misses.

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  • Aviation near misses.

    There are more near misses than actual accidents in the Aviation Industry (luckily enough), but they do not normally get reported in the world press.
    Here is one that may be of interest:!/video/109666/f...-oedelagt-hjul

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    Not a commercial airline accident but... A couple weeks ago two men were taxiing out in their Cessna Cardinal. They were both looking down reading charts for their upcoming flight... while still taxiing. Off the taxiway. 100 yards through the grass and through a ditch. Up onto the tarmac where aircraft are parked. That day there were only three planes parked. Two were old pieces of junk. One was a Piper Navajo that had a complete upgrade and overhaul just 60 hours prior. The plane was taken down to bare metal. New interior, new instruments, new engines, new propellers.... Guess which one the idiots hit? $180'000 in damage and only one had an engine running and they were only going 20 mph.

    The FAA sent three investigators. The two in the aircraft completely confessed that they were not paying attention and ran into the parked aircraft. The FAA, after 35 hours of investigation determined that it was the person's fault that parked the expensive aircraft because it was not within the "T" lines. Best of all... The tarmac has the "T" shaped paint lines sized only for small trainer aircraft so there is no way possible to park a larger aircraft within the painted "T" markings. Corporate jets often span a 4 or 6 and have their noses and tails hanging off in the other direction. Two of the FAA inspectors were older experienced people and one new guy pushing for the infraction for parking an aircraft outside the lines. Lots, and lots of cursing by the 60 year old airport operator and threats to put his boot up the FAA new guy's back side.


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      Dale, there are so many "incredible" and "but surely" remarks I could put in here that I won't bother. It just about takes the cake, doesn't it?

      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."