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Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

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    Video from Seabed Constructor on Sysla today:


      I don't know if they found anything but I really hope they did. I don't know if others who travel have their mind wander when they look out the airplane window to see nothing but water or ice for many hours. It is NOT comforting to think about... and I like flying. I can only think how someone must feel that is nervous about flying. I would feel much better if the cause of the accident were known.


        I totally agree with you Dane, for some reason this mystery is on my mind nearly every single day.

        Each time I open news-sources like BBC and Aljazeera, I pray and hope there is some new news, or that the aircraft has been found. I pray for that every day.

        After they find it, I guess we will have to wait for a long time for the investigation to be completed. I have read that we have no guarantees that the exact reason will be found, even if the plane is located.
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